We arrived to Ka’anapali Beach Hotel, situated along a spectacular stretch of the famed Ka’anapali Beach-the best beach in Maui. This Hotel prides itself on providing you with an “authentic Hawaiian experience” with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Every day there were free Hawaiian activities and a craft fair. Every evening there was a complimentary hula show and entertainment, as well as dancing under the stars. In the evening we had Mai Tai’s and food at the Tiki Bar with great music.


We hiked Maui-East Maui, looking at the beautiful waterfalls, rainforests,  tasting and learning  about many medicinal plants. We went to Iao Valley National Park.  The Iao Needle is a famous landmark in the state park, a vegetation-covered lava remnant rising 1,200 feet. Dinner that night at my favorite restaurant in town of Lahaina-“Lahaina Fish Company.”  We all tried local fish-Opa and Moncheng. Delicious!  We enjoyed shopping, the town bars and the famous Banyon tree.


We experienced the famous Road to Hana with approximately 600 curves and 54 bridges, winding roads, blind turns, narrow one-lane roads, cliffs, and wet conditions.
The Road to Hana was really unbelievable!  We saw tropical jungles, waterfalls, parks, gardens, beaches(loved the black sand beach), cliffs, bamboo forests, rainbow trees and ate the best banana bread in the world!  In Hana, we went to a fair and a real Hawaiian barbecue!


Started at 2:00 AM,  for the Maui downhill Haleakala National Park bike ride. We watched the sunrise from the crater rim, above the clouds.  Pictures cannot capture this beauty! We biked down a 6,500 feet elevation. Scary as hell but did we have a ball! Late afternoon we went to Pia.  We shopped, had drinks and dinner!  Pia is the ”oldest and coolest”  hippy town.  It’s a former plantation village with funky restaurants and bars with an old charm feel.  Wanted to go to Sunday night Little Beach party but it rained!


Redline Rafting-snorkeling the forbidden coast and Molokini.  We saw caves, lava arches, and grottos.  We snorkeled many places and saw schools of spinner dolphins, sea turtles, octopus (I actually held one- the guide did free diving with us and showed us many things we could hold), beautiful fish and red starfish!  The boat ride itself was a ride in a lifetime. Later on, we went to Warren and Annabelle’s Dinner Magic Theater. We had it all! Entertainment, food, music and drinks!  We laughed so hard!


Flight early in the morning to Kauai, heading to the Beautiful Marriott Resort and Spa in Lihue, located at the center of the Garden Island. When we arrived, hawaiian music was drifting in from the beach restaurants, swaying palm trees’ shadows were dancing over sunbathing bodies, while rhythmic waves sparkled in the sun. We had the whole day to explore the hotel, shop, stay at the beach or the pool and try new water sports!  Dinner at the famous Dukes Club in our hotel-had to try the Hula Pie!


We kayaked and hiked to reach our final destination “Secret Falls.” It was a tough hike through mud and water but we had fun helping each other and the falls were great. The most fun was the kayaking and the views!  Also, we were in a narrow jungle and kept getting caught in the trees, hysterical trying to get out! Our reward was swimming under the impressive waterfall! Dinner was at the “Beach House” on Pio Pu. The ocean, beach view and a wedding we were able to witness was beautiful.  We  had a wonderful  dinner.


Some of our group went on a raft excursion for the ultimate up close and personal adventure. They snorkeled and encountered dolphins, explored some beautiful seacaves finding sea turtles, and colorful fish.  The raft even did a beach landing. Others went shopping, to the beach and experienced the famous Hawaiian massages. Also two people went on a sunset tour to the Napali Coast to admire the shapes of the mountains, the cliffs meeting the ocean and the cascading waterfalls. There is nothing quite like it.


Fabulous helicopter ride in morning to see the island.  In the late afternoon we went to “Smiths Fern Grotto Cruise.” During  the 2 mile journey, we heard songs and stories of ancient Hawaii, had two girls dancing and a fun hula lesson.  Then, there was a short nature walk to the Fern Grotto. The Garden Luau is a lush 30 acre botanical garden nestled alongside the sacred Wailua River and temple.  We had time to stroll the gardens and a guided tram ride.  We felt like we were in a movie; it was so beautiful it wasn’t real!  We saw all kinds of friendly animals and beautiful peacocks.  We sat for the Imu ceremony, learning how they cook the pig, placing the entire pork underground.  After it was cooked, they removed it  in front of us.  Then it was time to enjoy the buffet, open bar and entertainment. There were dances and songs from Tahiti, Hawaii, China, Japan, Phillipines. New Zealand and Samoa.  We celebrated Paul’s birthday and had a little party and bought him an outfit. Then he got up during dinner and danced with selected people on stage. Hilarious!


If there is such a thing as a perfect wave, you’ll likely find it on Hawaii’s North Shore. The big, glassy waves of this legendary surf mecca attract the best surfers in the world, while there are also waves  far smaller and more gentle – all of which makes the North Shore the perfect  spot to relax, beach walk and even swim or snorkel. Stretching for more than 7 miles, the beaches of the North Shore are considered to be the most beautiful beaches of the world. We participated in a guided private tour to the North Shore of Hawaii. We visited the most breath taking beaches in the North Shore, immersed in beautiful sceneries between an extraordinary panorama of turquoise waters, beaches and towns. We got a very interesting history lesson about everything and anything in Kauai.  Some of our stops were: Lydgate Park, Anini Beach, Gilligans Island, Hanalei Bay and the town of Hanalei for lunch.  We saw all the famous movie sights which most were filmed in Kauai because of its natural beauty.


Waimea Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, is a large rift, approximately ten miles long and up to 3,000 feet deep, located on the western side of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands of United States and is part of the Waimea Canyon State Park.
Waimea is Hawaiian for “reddish water,” a reference to the erosion of the canyon’s red soil. This geological wonder in Hawaii provides panoramic views of crested buttes, rugged crags and deep valley ravines.  The colors alone are unbelievable!  There are numerous trails to traverse for beginners and seasoned hikers.
Some people went to Waimea Canyon for the day on their own, and thought the hiking was incredible!  They wanted to stay up there and camp it was so beautiful!  What a way to spend the last day in paradise.
Others that chose not to go, spent their last day enjoying the hotel’s wonderful pool and beach.